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At Office Movers Express, we make office moving easy. For your convenience, we’ve created a variety of moving guides and checklists from the expertise we’ve gained from moving thousands of offices. So when it comes to moving day, our customers are more than prepared. 

inventory & delivery manual

Learn how to check your inventory and request deliveries through our online portal.

truck driver wearing mask


View our variety of resources for safely relocating your office during COVID-19.

pros vs cons chart


Compare proposals with our bid comparison checklist, to help you find your perfect mover.


relocation checklist

Let our relocation checklist guide you through the moving process from start to finish. 

office layout plans

property management checklist

This checklist ensures you cover the key points when meeting with your building management.

OMX moving crates

packing instructions

Let our packing instructions guide you and your employees through the packing process.

Packed up office

relocation guide

Our office relocation guide offers moving tips and precautions to help you plan a smooth office relocation from start to finish.

employees taking inventory

inventory sheets

Take inventory of your equipment, furniture, library and artwork with our pre-made inventory workbook.

Maximizing Office Efficiency Post-COVID

Learn the most effective ways to streamline office space usage to maximize efficiency post-covid.

how law firm moves are unique

Learn the specific challenges of moving a law firm and how OMX can address them.

Professional Conference Room

ensuring a timely weekend move

Learn how OMX addressed a client’s most pressing concern of being back in business by Monday.

Customer Reviews

Office Movers Express

Customer Reviews

Jailyn D. January 2023

Smith Dawson & Andrews
"The team you sent did an excellent job! I can't sing their praises enough. They were kind, professional and super efficient. We will definitely be using your services again!"

Connie C. January 2023

Federal Title & Escrow Company
"I'd like to take this opportunity to commend your team. They were very professional and responsive, and I was duly impressed. Whenever we asked them to prioritize or adapt something, they would so right away. It was a lot of moving parts and they juggled them quite effectively. As someone who's spent more than a decade in customer service, I recognize good people when I see them!"

Myrna Y. November 2022

"I was very impressed with our walkthrough experience with Tim and was sold on using OMX. Our move went great without any issues at all!"

Joseph I. October 2022

ICR, Rudiger & Green
"The OMX team was absolutely professional. They took great care to make sure everything was moved quickly and without damage. I cannot compliment them highly enough!"

Melinda W. October 2022

Blue Origin
"I can highly recommend the team at Office Movers Express! They did a great job. They were careful and courteous, asking where we needed things placed and moving things around to ensure we were happy. It was a great crew!"

Lori S. September 2022

MSA Interiors LLC
"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the OMX crew. They are always on time, dressed professionally and do whatever it takes to get the job done. An absolute joy to work with."

Trinna S. September 2022

Stinson LLP
"Mary Anne and the OMX team's customer service are top notch! They were very professional and courteous. I'll be reaching out on our next move."

Kristen E. September 2022

Property Management Account Services
"Tim and his team went above and beyond to help move furniture and assist with office layout configurations when we ran into the unexpected. It was a super long day and OMX was very professional and helpful."

Diana H. August 2022

Freedom Home Care
"Thank you for taking care of our relocation. It was the best moving experience I've ever had. Hakeem and the team did a great job."

Ashley V. August 2022

"The movers were fast, nice and professional. OMX is super customer oriented and the communication is great."