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At Office Movers Express, we make office moving easy. For your convenience, we’ve created a variety of moving guides and checklists from the expertise we’ve gained from moving thousands of offices. So when it comes to moving day, our customers are more than prepared. 


Consider these office moving tips to efficiently and safely relocate during COVID-19. 


Factors to consider when making office reopening decisions during


bid comparison

Compare moving companies and proposal details with our bid comparison checklist to help you find your perfect mover.

planning a fast office move

property management checklist

This checklist ensure you cover the key points when meeting with your building management.

relocation guide

Our office relocation guide offers moving tips and precaution to help you plan a smooth office relocation from start to finish.

inventory sheets

Take inventory of your equipment, furniture, library and artwork with our pre-made inventory workbook.

relocation checklist

Let our relocation checklist guide you through the moving process from start to finish. 

Office Mover Totes

packing instructions

Let our packing instructions guide you and your employees through the packing process.

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