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Type of Move

Medical/Lab Relocation

The Challenge

With the University of the District of Columbia’s medical lab relocation coming up, the move company they originally partnered with didn’t seem experienced enough to safely move their special equipment. As a current working and student-training medical lab, especially for covid specific patients, the upmost experts were needed to perform their relocation.  With feelings of unease, one of their other vendors recommended Office Movers Express as the more appropriate choice. Specialty items including infant incubators, digital microscopes with cameras, fume hoods, ventilators, mannequins, subzero freezers, lab glassware, hospital beds and other associated items. All this equipment was not only expensive but highly fragile and some hazardous requiring great care during transport.


The Solution 

With decades of experience in moving lab equipment and chemicals, OMX performed a site visit to survey their needs. Having moved a similar lab at Howard University, the lab director and head doctor confidently backed OMX for the job. OMX got to work and packed all items and equipment with antistatic bubble wrap and transported in an air-ride truck to ensure little to no movement of the items during transport. There was a specialty trained crew who only handled the chemicals, packed them individually in non-flammable materials with security seals and transported them separately. The movers were masked, gloved, and wore protective clothing during the whole process to ensure their safety. They even created a dedicated path in and out of the building to prevent run-ins or cross contamination within the building. In addition to the lab move, OMX was also responsible for relocating 30 workstations and disassembled 18 hospital beds to move to an additional location.



UDC expressed their gratitude to OMX saying they brought the expertise and peace of mind to an otherwise unusually complicated move. The OMX project manager was an incredible support to their team and provided thorough communication from initial site visit to the end of their move. Nothing was damaged during the whole process, and they plan to use OMX again being pleased with the customer service and detailed proposal.




Customer Reviews

Office Movers Express

Customer Reviews

Andrew B. November 2023

The Armstrong Company
"It's such a pleasure to work with professionals that go the extra mile to make sure every move is as prefect as it can be. Thank you OMX for your commitment to Excellence!"

Nicole R. November 2023

Arrow Bookkeeping
"They really put our minds at ease and even made our move fun! Tim and his team were knowledgeable, friendly, professional and patient."

Mary S. November 2023

WETA Public Media
"We've been return customers for years because of quality service and a great team. Always careful in handling items, hard-working, proactively asking questions, raising better solutions, following our security protocols and easy to work with. Thank you!"

Daja C. October 2023

Integrated Community Services
"The team at OMX exceeded all of our expectations. It's clear they value their customers and prioritize effective communication. They went above and beyond."

Andrea A. August 2023

"I want to thank your team for helping us move the office furniture to the various WMATA locations. The movers did an excellent job and were very professional. They also did a great job taking safety precautions and were very accommodating to the WMATA staff."

Adrian W. August 2023

Burke & Herbert Bank
"Our project went very, very well thanks to the team at OMX. Extending my appreciation to all involved!"

Pennie M. May 2023

Stein Mitchell
"I am so glad I picked you guys as my movers, you were perfect."

Cheryl H. May 2023

US Department of Education
"The OMX crews were properly badged, fully informed as to the scope of work, and were given the necessary equipment and information to do the job in a professional manner. A job well done by all."

Dawn D. May 2023

Dynamic Design Enterprises
"The OMX team assigned to our relocation did an outstanding job. Everything on site was amazing! Tim and Mary Anne were wonderful with communicating clearly about what to expect during our move and answering all of our questions. What a great team of hard working folks at Office Movers Express - we were so impressed."

David T. January 2023

Tobin, O'Conor & Ewing
"Everything was great from start to finish. The moving team was very courteous and we appreciated your responsiveness throughout the whole experience."