What Makes A Law Firm Move Unique

Law firms have a number of unique requirements that set them apart from other large firms when it comes time to move. While traditional considerations like the furniture involved are comparable, the esoteric elements of a law firm create specific situations that a moving firm should not only be aware of, but comfortable and familiar with. Moving companies unfamiliar with these processes are more likely to experience challenges that could lead to a disruptive move.  


One of the most significant differences between a law firm and a traditional firm is the number of key stakeholders during the move. While a traditional Fortune 500 may have a top-down management structure, meaning there is a chain of command and likely a single person who has been tasked with overseeing the entire move, law firms are more distributed.  


The management structure means that the company handling the move needs to be incredibly flexible and capable of addressing the unique needs of several partners at the same time. Moving companies that do not have experience working with law firms may not have the bandwidth or ability to do this, which can result in delays, mistakes, or the inability to meet specific requests.  


Below is a rundown of the unique challenges posed in moving a law firm and why it’s important to work with a moving company experienced in dealing with them.  

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1. Hands-On Expertise is Needed to Pack and Move Things Carefully

Law firms often have a large amount of artwork and personal items owned by the partners that need to be moved carefully. These elements tend to be more pronounced in a law firm than in a traditional company. As a result, this aspect of a move is more intricate for a law firm than for many other types of organizations.  


Hands-on expertise is needed to pack and move these things carefully. While most firms have limited artwork and other high-value items that need to be moved, law firms still do. Every law firm is its own headquarters, meaning there may be years of ephemera and personal effects in the building that need to be moved along with the attorneys and their content.

2. Efficiency is More Important than Ever When The Move is 80% Boxes and IT

Because of the “always available” nature of a high-powered law firm, it’s vital that they minimize disruption during a move to the point of almost nothing. That means moves often start on a Thursday or Friday afternoon and must be completed by Monday morning so the firm can open on time. With moves now consisting of almost 80% boxes and IT equipment, the need for efficiency is more important than ever.  


Because so much of the move is personal files that need to be in the office of the attorneys and their teams by Monday morning, it’s vital that the move be planned down to the minute, with flexibility built in to adjust on the fly if there is a last-minute request, change to the procedure, or an attorney needs a certain file.   

3. Addressing the Separate Needs of Specific Parts of the Law Firm

Because of the importance of large moves that affect dozens of individuals, and the potential of downtime affecting “billable hours” at a law firm, there are a number of stakeholders who have a strong interest and therefore input into a law firm’s move. While the office management team in most other types of firms would handle the move from start to finish, a law firm is likely to have multiple stakeholders involved throughout the process. It’s important that the mover has experience with this element and the ability to respond quickly and flexibly. 

4. Flexibility to Address Unexpected Issues As They Come Up During a Move

Last-minute changes, unexpected interruptions, or sudden requests are more likely to happen in a law firm setting. A law firm moving company should have the resources available and time accounted for to quickly respond to these last-minute needs without delaying the move. 


There may be other instances where an attorney is not ready to move at the time a firm has scheduled the move. The moving company needs to have the flexibility and experience in these situations to adjust on the fly, allowing for last-minute work or urgent issues to take precedence over the logistics of the move. For a traditional moving company with rigid processes, this would likely prove challenging.  


Office Movers Express maintains a management structure designed so that decisions can be made quickly by the individuals with which a law firm is communicating. This allows us to react quickly to unexpected changes and be more flexible to address issues in a rapid response way. Where a traditional moving company might refuse to make changes or simply be unable to accommodate a last-minute request, OMX was built from the ground up to ensure the highest possible level of flexibility for all of our customers.  

Learn more about the differences that make a law firm’s move unique and how OMX address them in our white paper:
How Are Law Firm Moves Different From Other Moves
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Customer Reviews

Office Movers Express

Customer Reviews

Midhat P. September 2021

District Capital Partners
"Our move yesterday was great! I don’t think many people can say that about a move but the guys were efficient, communicative, polite, and all around awesome. I really appreciate you making this a smooth process."

Jonathan A. September 2021

"Thank you very much for the great service your team provided. We were changing plans and re-thinking things and your team helped us find solutions. Looking forward to working with you again!"

Tom K. September 2021

Visit Alexandria
"I wanted to let you know what a great job your crew did yesterday. Just really warm, helpful and efficient. The move went smoothly on both ends and they even added an extra stop for us when requested, and helped our CEO rearrange her office to accommodate a piece of furniture that initially seemed not to fit. Just a great experience all around. I will definitely recommend OMX to others. Well done and thanks!"

George H. September 2021

Mission Square Retirement
"I want to send a special thank you to the entire OMX team. I truly value all of your hard work and excellent customer service! You guys are always willing to go above and beyond. I look forward to having your team back onsite very soon."

Jennifer A. September 2021

Hogan Lovells
"I’ve managed countless moves for Hogan Lovells and this was one of the smoothest moves, if not the smoothest move I have ever been involved with. Trust was the most important factor for choosing OMX. There were a lot of moving parts to our move (things to dispose of, other things to be donated) and OMX handled all of this accurately and easily."

David M. August 2021

US Dept. of Homeland Security
"I have to say your OMX team was unbelievable. They were professional, responsive, hard-working, and above all, they were the best. All of my personnel were grateful for your team’s work. I would highly recommend your company to any agency that has to move. Thank you again."

Alice R. July 2021

Adams & Reese LLP
"Just wanted to let you know that your team did a terrific job with our internal moves last week. They showed up right on schedule, with the equipment needed, and very efficiently got the job done. They even went out of their way to add some extra screws to tighten up a desk leg that needed some work. They were a pleasure to work with!"

Samantha D. July 2021

"Oscar and his team were super friendly, very efficient, and extremely careful with all of our belongings. We would definitely hire you again for any of our moving needs. Thank you so much for all of your help in making this happen!"

Paula C. July 2021

"I wanted to let you know your move team is amazing! They are the quickest, neatest and quietist team I have ever worked with. Every time I go to follow up with them, they are already an office ahead of me. I’m very impressed with everything they have done today."

Johnathan L. July 2021

RER Solutions, Inc.
"The crew you sent was excellent! They were so efficient, polite and professional that in the future when I need these services, you will be the first call!"