The Complete Guide to Finding a Receiving Company

Choosing a quality warehouse receiving company is tough. Finding one that also suits your exact needs can be daunting at times. So we’ve compiled a guide that can help you decide how to choose the right receiving company

for your business.

Trucks at warehouse docks

1. First and foremost, visit the warehouse for a walk-through and meet the team


● Call ahead to make an appointment.

● Walk through the warehouse and be observant. Is it climate controlled? What type of security measures do they have in place? Is it entirely equipped to meet your business needs?

● Meet the team face-to-face. This is the best way to find out if personalities align and how you’ll work together in the future.


2. Ask questions!

During your visit to the warehouse, don’t be afraid to ask questions. How do they stay organized? What experience do they have? What services do they offer? How do they handle paperwork? If something is damaged, or an issue arises, how do they make it right? Knowing the exact details of how the warehouse is run and how they will handle your items is extremely important. A professional and dedicated company like OMX will go above and beyond to rectify any situation.


3. Are their employees certified?

Highly trained employees make all the difference. At OMX, our team members are all IOMI & AMSA certified and experienced in reading floor plans, installation documents and shipping/receiving records.


4. Does the company offer white glove delivery and installation services?

A quality company will offer services such as white glove delivery, where your items are received, inspected, inventoried, and installed by a highly trained professional. This is OMX’s specialty.


5. What does their warehouse offer?

Having multiple options like short and long-term storage, secure storage options, cross-docking and same-day delivery within certain areas, as well as a fast pick up with no exit fees, means the difference between a basic receiving company and a great one.


6. Can you access your inventory at all times?

OMX gives you the ability to view your inventory through their Warehouse Management System. This means you have full access and transparency to your items 24/7, including packing slips, receiving paperwork and inventory photos.


7. Does the company offer any additional services?

At OMX, you get the benefit of added services such as security notifications, padded-van service, concierge evaluations, and uniformed team members with multi-faceted abilities.


Choosing the right receiving company may be tricky, but when you select OMX, you cannot go wrong. A quality receiving company will always give you full transparency, offer multiple phenomenal service options, and have certified employees. A trusted quality receiving company will also give you full transparency, offer multiple phenomenal service options, have capable, trusted team members, and provide you with the peace of mind you cannot find elsewhere.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team to get you into the right hands today! Check out what our other customers have said about us. We’d love to hear from you.


Customer Reviews

Office Movers Express

Customer Reviews

Trinna S. September 2022

Stinson LLP
"Mary Anne and the OMX team's customer service are top notch! They were very professional and courteous. I'll be reaching out on our next move."

Kristen E. September 2022

Property Management Account Services
"Tim and his team went above and beyond to help move furniture and assist with office layout configurations when we ran into the unexpected. It was a super long day and OMX was very professional and helpful."

Diana H. August 2022

Freedom Home Care
"Thank you for taking care of our relocation. It was the best moving experience I've ever had. Hakeem and the team did a great job."

Ashley V. August 2022

"The movers were fast, nice and professional. OMX is super customer oriented and the communication is great."

Mike P. August 2022

BTW Images
"The move experience was fantastic and the movers were very helpful with getting everything set up in our new space. Thank you for being flexible with our tight timeline."

Jane K. August 2022

Porter Hayden
"We truly appreciate the professionalism involved and have recommended your services to another tenant in our building. Very good overall experience."

Celine P. August 2022

Lumina Foundation
"Our move went well. Your crew was very helpful, efficient and friendly. A pleasure to work with. Thank you for your flexibility."

Jeff W. July 2022

Wadsworth Financial Consulting
"I just got back from a week vacation and walked into my new office that was set up by your team at Office Movers Express. Everything looks incredible and my team said that your crew did an amazing job! All I’ve heard is that your team was extremely professional, hard-working, organized, and efficient."

Judy D. July 2022

Competitive Power Ventures
"The team you sent took great care of us! Our building can be difficult to navigate with the loading dock/security desk and your team was extremely patient with the process. Once onsite they were very courteous, professional and handled everything with great care."

Stefanie S. June 2022

U.S. Department of Education
"The move went seamlessly! The coordination, move and payment process was very simple and efficiently done."